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Mission for poor acts as a bridge between civilians and the government for better implementation of policies and laws for elimination of poverty in rural and urban India.And abord

Mission for poor organises Indian and international Agriculture, Automobile, Ceramics, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Cotton and Textiles, Dairy, IT consultancy, Educational, Electricals and Electronics, Food, Furniture, Garments, Glass, Handlooms and Handicrafts, Hatchery, Iron and Steel, Infrastructure, Jute, Jewellery, Leather, Machinery/Machine tools, Motors, Paints, Paper, Packaging, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Press, Printing, Sanitary, Seeds, Silk, Soft drinks, Sugar, Tea, Transport and various other industries by organizing exhibitions for marketing and promotion of their products. And also to support the Indian small and medium scale industries by conducting international, national, state wide, district wide, division& village level expos, exhibitions, jatharas, melas and other events to facilitate better marketing.
The trust works towards elimination of poverty and to improve the living standards of the poor people in India
The trust identifies social workers in various parts of the country and conducts surveys on all the Government departments, Institutions, ACB, Vigilance, IB, CBI, Ngo’s, Organizations( Govt., Private, State and Central), Trusts, Missionaries, Registered societies, Charities, State and Central public representatives ( MP’s, MLC’s, Rajya Sabha members, council of central and state ministers), Public servants ( IAS, IPS, IFS, Police, Defence), Banks, Central and state appointed commissions & commissionarates, Planning and Revenue boards, Registration departments, Corporations, Controllers, Auditors, Generals, Agencies, Federations, Central and state departments, Co-operative societies, Samithi’s, Guarantee schemes, Credit societies, Max societies, Education and Research institutions. Development schemes, Missions, Directorates, Boards, Registered organizations, Railways, Transport, Aviation, Exports & Imports, Gram panchayats, Municipalities, Metro development authorities, Metro urbanization institutions, Metro Rail, Travel & Tourism, Films & Entertainment Industry, Pollution, Print and Electronic media, Agriculture and other departments for a better society and elimination of poverty.
  • To protect the rights of assignees who got pattas from the government lands like Banchrai, Poramboke, Kharajkhata, Tenancy, Agricultural Ceiling, Urban land ceiling, Walkf, Evacue property tankbet land and other government lands.
  • To protect land owners rights from the clutches of the government and other private parties such as illegal alienation, acquisition, forcible encroachment etc.
  • To protect environmental equilibrium this includes soil, land, air and water.
  • To support the farmers by facilitating them to get good returns on their produce, estabiishment of private market yards under mission for poor, import and export provisions, quality seeds, fertilizers etc. v. To support the various occupations like horticulture, piggery, sheep rearing, fisheries, sericulture, animal husbandry etc.
  • Loans procurement from NABARD bank or any other nationalized bank or private sector to support farmers and other occupations in the villages.
  • To see proper functioning of various government departments like agro-based, agriculture, marketing, fertilizers, AP seeds, S.E.R.P, and District rural development agencies or any other government agencies or department /central or state.
  • To see proper management of Drinking water in the villages and settle any disputes arising relating to water sharing.
  • Management of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds subsidies for the sake of farmers.
  • To conduct awareness programmes on adulterated seeds, pesticides, fertilizer, chemicals in villages. Establishment of supervisory teams to see that the supply and subsidies are properly distributed to the farmers by government or private dealers, Agro Depots and take necessary legal actions if any irregularities arise.
  • Marketing management, small and marginal farmers rights protection, better water managements, pesticide management, soil management, irrigation management, dry land development, agriculture based industrial survey of drinking water facilities and pollution (air, water, soil) management etc.
  • Organize exhibitions, jatharas, melas at village level, mandai levels, district and divisional levels and use these venues to train the farmers in advanced techniques of farming, better crop production, storage and other services. Also use these venues to promote various advanced equipments developed by agro based industries for better output.
  • To close down any factories situated close to the agricultural lands if they are contaminating the fertile soil or water bodies.
  • To give financial support and alternate livelihood options for the families of farmers who have committed suicides.
  • To establish offices in all the states in India, districts, tahsils, mandals and take up the problems of victims/sufferers providing legal aid and support issue of the notices to the both parties preliminarily and heard both sides issue if any reasonable remedy founds to settle the issues as amicable to the both parties and close the issues without going the courts.
  • Organizing meetings, discussions, seminars at village & town level and explain the problems to the concerned government authorities.
  • Filing of cases in courts on behalf of the farmers/victims through F.R.P.S standing advocates to solve their problems and to give them proper compensation.
  • Establishment of private market yards, export and import mechanisms for the sake of farmer's products such as agro based, marine, seeds, pesticides, chemicals, livestock and others xx. Fight against the illegal S.E.Z's, illegal acquisitions for sake offarmers.
  • To see that the BC, SC, ST, EBC, Minorities, welfare funds allotted by Government are utilized properly by the govt. authorities or not. Conduct meetings and awareness programs in rural and urban areas regarding the same.
  • Monitoring the implementation of state and central government schemes. If not carry out campaigns in rural and urban areas.
  • Taking the subscription of farmers and formation of the village mandai, division, district, state, and central farmers organization under "Mission For Poor"
  • Implementing the decisions taken by the Author/Founder Chairman.

About The Mission for poor

Mission for poor acts as a bridge between civilians and the government for better implementation of policies and laws for elimination of poverty in rural and urban India. and global. Read more..

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